Sui Fengfu,General Manager and Chairman of the Board

     Beidahuang is a black land which is full of mystery and wonder. State-owned farms with the largest scale and the highest mechanization level have been established on the ancient wasteland through development and construction for more than half a century. It has been now an important national commodity grain base and the biggest base of contamination-free, green, organic food. The group's annual grain production reaches to 10 billion kilograms and it has registered capital 6 billion Yuan. Since China's opening up to the outside world, Beidahuang Group has made its efforts to carry out the strategic restructuring of the economy, accelerate the cause of taking the lead to realize agriculture modernization. The development advantages with Beidahuang characteristics have been formed initially. The group has strong overall economic strength, unique natural resources, perfect agriculture infrastructure, sound agriculture ecological environment, high agriculture mechanization level and scientific contribution rate, high efficiency of land scale operation and agriculture industries.

     Beidahuang is rich in natural and human resources.In recent years,we accelerate opening up to the outside world and implement the strategy of economic and trade, major efforts will be made to develop opening economy, friendly and cooperation relationships with more than 30 countries and re-gions have been established. Beidahuang people are simple, honest, creditable. Beidahuang Group is attractive in its industries and is of bright future and is your best partner of cooperation.

     We sincerely welcome people from home and abroad to invest in Beidahuang, and to carry out extensively trade and economic exchanges and cooperation.

     We believe that investment and cooperation in Beidahuang must promote development of Beidahuang. During investment and cooperation, investors must get more returns.

     For our common goal, let us sincerely cooperate, hand in hand, mutual benefit and seek common development, realize winí¬win situation together.

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